Yiannis Christodoulou

15+ years experience in web development, mostly with Joomla! & WordPress




Elusas Services Ltd. was established in January 2019. Is a Firm of Chartered Certified Accountants based in Limassol, Cyprus, offering a range of professional services to clients consisting of both local and international companies, across a range of business sectors.


Discover the Natural Beauty Discover the natural beauty & health by choosing one of our products and share with us your experience.


Top quality radio broadcasting online with a unique system combining excellent relaxing music and meditation music with natural sounds.


KESH is a lounge-club like no other, featuring Function One sound system and authentic Moroccan interiors. Located on the first floor of Limassol AGORA, KOSTA KRITIKOS creates a unique vibe through electronic music journeys inspired by world rhythms.


Imagine your most important lifetime moment surrounded by waterfalls, gardens and rivers sipping a champagne cocktail and dancing into the early hours. Our catering team has created special menus providing you with a wide selection of wines to accompany your meal.


High-quality plugins and services for your Joomla! and WordPress websites with superior customer support.


K.Kavazi Interior Design Studio Ltd is an architecture and interior design consultancy company established in 2007. The company is owned and managed by Katerina Kavazi. She has long and broad experience in the field of interior designing and an excellent track record.


The famous tavern “Troulos” is located in one of the most beautiful beaches of Skiathos , the beach of “Troulos” with the golden sand, the clean sea, the nature, and its unique small ‘Troulos island’ which lies in the middle of the sea.


Andri M. Kyriacou & Associates LLC is a Nicosia-based law firm and we offer a full range of consulting to international and local clients. The lawyers and the administrative staff of the firm are allocated in commerce and investment.


In Greece we say that when we eat we are not talking! At TAMAM … WE SPEAK FOOD! This is our official language! We are inspired by the authenticity of taste and we create dishes that redefine the meaning of good food! At TAMAM nothing is done quickly, because nothing is pre-ready! It worths to wait!


Top Pro Audit & Tax Limited is a firm of registered auditors with international connections, members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the institute of Chartered Certified Accountants of Cyprus.


Are you looking for a Property in Limassol Cyprus? We help you find it! SVA Estates are experts in selling property. Search for properties and get instant feedback to help you make an informed decision. Our website is your best home search tool.


TECHNOMART was founded in 1989 by Lambros and Annie Lambrou. It is based in Limassol in Cyprus. Since its founding it has been involved in the field of IT, but also with organizing and training employees in the agencies of Local Municipal Authorities.


Located in the Ammochostos (Famagusta) district, the village of Sotira is one of the agricultural ‘red soil villages’ (Kokkinochoria), and produces juicy watermelons, figs and pomegranates, along with ‘kolokasi’ (taro root – colocasia esculanta) – which is celebrated annually with a Kolokasi Festival in September.


Community of Agios Tychonas. The glittering sunlight mixes with the blue sea, where the days and nights create an earthly paradise, where hospitality and warm smile is daily lifestyle.


Creating precious moments through white experiential events. Everwhite is an international brand of white events.


Lemon tree house is a detached villa is set in Malona Village and is 31 km from Rhodes Town. The property is 19 km from Faliraki and features views of the garden. Free WiFi is available.


Over the years Agha Establishments has responded to a changing world map, by making a home in various of the world’s textile hotspots. We now have buying offices across Asia and sales offices and warehouses across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.


For more than 40 years we have been organizing and delivering the most spectacular aerial and ground fireworks displays with absolute safety and success. And we are proud of this! More than 300 couples per year trust us to make their wedding magical and unforgettable. Their joy and exuberance is to us the greatest reward!


Learn Dunstan baby language, and start understanding your baby. All proceeds from the class will be donated to a nonprofit organizations supporting moms and babies in Cyprus.


Pavlina Papalouka is an Entrepreneur founder of AwakenSpace Education, a seminars and education company specialising in helping people reach their true potential and build successful businesses around their passion and a speaker, consultant and coach in Personal Development, Business and Personal Branding.


With long experience, continuous training and modern driving concept, the instructors of the School offer quality services ensuring the success of the candidate drivers.


UBVIA is committed to bringing interesting stories, news, and analyses to people who want to know more about events and happenings in Cyprus, and the world.

Plugins for WordPress

Count Characters, Words and Paragraphs while typing - WordPress plugin

This WordPress plugin displays the count of Characters, Words and Paragraphs, in real-time, while writing in the visual/text editor of posts/pages, or in custom textarea fields, as an Editor, Author or Admin.

Login as a User - WordPress plugin

The Login as a User WordPress plugin allows admins to have easy access to the frontend as a specific user and thus solve problems or provide better and faster customer support. With one click, the admin logs in as the external user or customer and handles any situation without wasting any time at all. If you want a WordPress plugin to switch accounts in an instant, Login as User is for you.

Easy Custom Code (LESS/CSS/JS) - WordPress plugin

Add quickly and easily your own custom LESS/CSS/JAVASCRIPT code and external resources (stylesheets and scripts) to your website, via the core WP Customizer. You don’t even need to create a child-theme or create any other files in your current theme if you use this plugin. Just add your javascript, LESS/CSS code and everything will be stored automatically, in a compiled CSS file for the styles, and a JavaScript file for the scripts.

Bazaraki XML Generator - WordPress plugin

Automatically add your real estate properties at bazaraki.com, directly from your WordPress website, by auto-generating an XML file during adding properties.

Fixed HTML Toolbar - WordPress Plugin

A fixed HTML toolbar which displayed at the bottom or at the top of your website. You can add up to 5 linked icons or just an HTML code. It mostly used to show social icons or any other notification that needs to be static during page scrolling.

Extensions for Joomla! CMS

Cookies Policy Notification Bar | A GDPR Ready Joomla! plugin

A GDPR Ready beautiful and functional EU Cookie Law Compliance Joomla! Plugin

Inform your visitors elegantly about how you use cookies on your website. This GDPR Joomla! Extension provides you with plenty of features and parameters that will make the visitors feel safe and your website more trustworthy by giving them the appropriate control of the cookies settings.

Monthly Archive for Joomla! or K2 content

This Joomla! component is ideal for improving user navigation on your website and works as a search tool. It is perfect for blogs, news portals and any website with plenty of content, helping you list your posts, articles or any other type of content you host on your website, divided into months and years.

Login as User - Joomla! component

Has this ever happened to you? A user of your website is experiencing an issue and contacts you. You try to understand what is going on by exchanging screenshots and messages and thinking that it would be much easier if you could see their front-end for a while. 

We created Log in as User Joomla! component to offer you this option.

This plugin helps admin users to log in to the front-end as a specific user. It is practical for websites where the admin user needs to check if a user:

  • Can see their order(s) correctly,
  • Has filled out the form accurately,
  • Is experiencing any other issues with their details, etc.

The Admin user will be accessing all this information as the external visitor to replicate any issues and assist the user.

Fix 404 Error Links - Joomla! component

A practical extension for any Joomla! website, created to deal with the log 404 (Page not Found) errors. This SEO Tool is for Admins who want to manage and fix the problematic links of their website and redirect visitors to the desired page.

Multiple Categories for K2 - Joomla! plugin

With this Joomla! plugin, you can assign multiple categories for K2 items. This plugin leaves the K2 core and the template files untouched. The categories are also displayed at the backend and are countable.

Limit Active Logins extension for Joomla!

The absolute best extension for Joomla! websites! With Limit Active Logins, you can keep users from sharing one account by setting the maximum number of active logins per user, user groups, continents, countries – any condition. With plenty & great features, the Limit Active Logins extension for Joomla! will allow you to have control over your website.

Custom 404 Error Page - Joomla! Plugin

With this minimal Joomla! plugin you can set a custom 404 error page for each active language separately.

JLogs extension for Joomla!

A useful minimal Joomla! extension that helps to find and view the log files with errors right from your Joomla! admin interface. Get access to all your log files from one place. View the latest activity, select logs by date, or view the contents of a full log file.

Failed Login Attempts extension for Joomla!

This Joomla! Extension records the failed and the successfully login attempts into the backend and frontend of your Joomla! website. It is useful for security purposes and serves as an information pool to track malicious user access (IP, country, browser, OS, etc.).

Virtuemart Sales - Joomla! Component

The Virtuemart Sales Joomla! component is a search tool that provides a list of Virtuemart products with discounts. It is supplied with a lot of features and multiple parameters and it would be ideal for e-commerce websites that were built with VirtueMart.

Support Hours - Joomla! Module

This Joomla! Module displays the Support Hours from your website. It shows the date-time of your online store based on your timezone, and the current date-time of the visitor.

Contact Info - Joomla! module

Τhe easiest way to display your website's contact information. This module allows you to specify various company information details such as a logo, social media links, and other contact info.

Display Date and Time - Joomla! module

A simple, easy and nice display of the current date and time using AJAX scripting. It includes various display formats to choose from based on your preference. It supports all countries date and time formats.

www Redirect - Joomla! Plugin

With this tiny Joomla! System Plugin you can redirect all of the requests from non-www to www, or from www to non-www. (Example: from http://yourdomain.com to http://www.yourdomain.com, or from http://www.yourdomain.com to http://yourdomain.com).

Countdown - Joomla! module

A simple Joomla! module that counts down the time until one or multiple events is scheduled to commence. It can also be used as a countdown for the release of a new website that is currently under construction.

Fixed HTML Toolbar - Joomla! module

A fixed toolbar at the bottom of your current Joomla! template, with up to 10 linked icons or just HTML code. This Joomla! plugin is useful for the display of social media icons or any other static content during page scrolling.

Virtuemart Count Products - Joomla! module

A Joomla! module that displays the count of active, inactive, or featured products of Virtuemart. Text can be added before and after the counted number.

Web357 Framework - Joomla! Plugin

The Web357 Framework Joomla! plugin is a required helper tool that is used by all the Web357 extensions. Within the plugin files, we have included code and PHP functions that allow the plugin updates to be applied only in one place, i.e. the plugin itself, and ensure that they are rolled out automatically to any external site that is using the Web357 applications and plugins.