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How to Install Apache, PHP 7, and MySQL on Ubuntu with Vagrant

In this walkthrough tutorial, you will set up a LAMP server on an Ubuntu installation.

In order to run a server locally, we need to set up an environment for the stack, or server, database, and language, to run in. An easy way for beginners to do that is to set up MAMP on Mac or Windows, which sets up the environment for you.

As you become a more advanced developer, you might need to create a local environment that matches your production server more closely. If you’re working locally on Windows or Mac, and your server is on a Linux distribution, you may encounter bugs and errors that are specific to the operating system the server is running and you won’t be able to troubleshoot them properly.

Fortunately, we have tools like Vagrant and VirtualBox that allow us to set up a virtual machine locally that can match the production environment. In this tutorial, we’ll take an Ubuntu Server operating system that has been set up on Vagrant and install a LAMP stack on it.


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